Mike Stark

Sharon Stark

Rob Martinez

Bill Dejon

Bill Coronelli

Mike Stark - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Mike is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for REPLAY. Mike originally became a singer in a rock band because of his need to express himself creatively, his love of music, and … to impress Sharon. Well it worked (so he thinks) and later on they started Replay together. Mike thinks the classic rock he grew up with is still the coolest music ever made and gets the biggest kick when everyone listening agrees.

Sharon Stark - Flute / Percussion

Sharon’s flute gives Replay a unique sound not found in many other classic rock bands. Sharon is also REPLAY’s percussionist (“more cowbell!”), booking agent, fashion coordinator, and go-go dancer. Sharon makes sure everyone is up, dancing, singing along, and enjoying themselves as much as she is.

Rob Martinez - Bass / Vocals

An incredibly talented musician, Rob could play guitar, drums, keyboards, or trombone but his instrument of choice for REPLAY is bass guitar. Rob’s smooth vocals add just the right amount of harmony to REPLAY’s classic rock sound. Rob is truly a man of many hats, most of which are on his head for display throughout REPLAY performances.

Bill Dejon – Lead Guitar / Vocals

The sound that surges from Bill’s lead guitar is not something you would expect from such a nice, quiet, and reserved personality. But put a guitar pick in his hand and he transforms his wealth of musical experience into the sharp electric accent that blends perfectly with REPLAY’s classic rock sound. Add Bill’s vocals to the mix and you get a powerful three part harmony that will literally be music to your ears.

Bill Coronelli – Drums

Bill’s talent as a drummer is coveted by other area bands but he’s chosen to make sure REPLAY doesn’t miss a beat. Bill may not say much but he doesn’t have to. He lets his drums speak for him, playing with a confidence and energy that provides a solid backbone critical to the classic rock sound of REPLAY.

Peace, Love and Rock 'n ' Roll

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